SIRO-A’s Show in London Review


February 21, 2013 by londonsenpai


If you like techno music, laser shows or dancing then we recommend you to go see SIRO-A!

SIRO-A (白A – translated as white/no colour A) is a six-man Japanese group originally from Sendai, Japan. Their extraordinary animated performances consists of a fusion of miming and bright cutting edge visuals. They are currently performing from 1st February – 22nd April 2013 at Leicester Square Theatre in London, so if you think you might be interested then please continue to read our review of the show. (Please note that we’re making this review quite vague to not spoil it for you as this show is still ongoing at the time this was written.)

When we heard about SIRO-A performing in London, in all honesty we had no idea who they were but from watching clips of their shows on YouTube, we thought this must be an extraordinary live performance to watch. We had certain words and phrases that popped into our heads whilst watching these clips: Cyberdog (a super-cool shop located in Stables Market in Camden, London), Perfume concerts and Lasers – this combination definitely enticed us to go.


We arrived at the theatre and it looked small from the outside until we realised that we had to go down some stairs first. In the main hall of the theatre where we were going to watch the performance was spacious and had a nice modern decor. Even though we sat quite close to the front towards the stage, this show is probably best to watch for those sitting in the centre or further back (just like you would do for a movie). As we were near the front the flashing lights were a bit too much for our eyes to handle.


The show started at 4:30pm and by that time, we were surprised by the amount of empty seats because when we were booking the tickets online it looked like nearly all the seats were taken. So we’re guessing if you come to actually booking tickets, don’t be alarmed by all the reserved seats shown on the screen because many people might not even turn up!


Back to the actual show, the visuals were amazing. We’ve never thought that lights and lasers could come out in all different shapes and sizes until we were exposed to this unique combination of arts, we felt a bit old-fashioned whilst watching such a futuristic performance. The dancers/mimes showed great movement, synchronisation and precision as they also interacted with what was projected on the screen. A lot of the visuals showcased were optical illusions that almost hypnotised us along with the highly addictive beat of the music. Everything was about the rhythm and precise movement to the music and the sound effects. We also noticed that each member had their own role, creating their own identities throughout the show; for example, one specialised in dancing that looked almost as graceful as ballet and one specialised in pure comedic miming.

We liked how the group showed a great variety of arts like original techno music, videography, dancing and miming. It’s a perfect show for families and friends as they showed a sense of humour in some of their segments.

In conclusion, although the show fell a bit too short for our liking; we thought that it was one of the most original acts we’ve seen and that the multiple of arts showcased by one group was truly striking. At the end of the show, our eyes were left wide open  which was our own reaction of how great it was.

We have put together short clips that we filmed of the show to give you a taste of SIRO-A:

The tickets are a bit pricey but we strongly recommend seeing such an artistic act. For a group who came all the way from Japan to use the vast amount of lights and projectors for one show located in central London, we understand why the tickets are fairly expensive.

If you want to go see these fantastic futuristic performers, then please book tickets online at:


2 thoughts on “SIRO-A’s Show in London Review

  1. It’s hard to come by well-informed people on this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks I though you should know, I bookmarked SIRO-A& at Digg so my friends will see it too.

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